Can I install the KONVOI System myself or should I hire a professional? 

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KONVOI takes care of the installation process for you. Our experienced KONVOI mechanics are specially trained to ensure the proper installation of the system on your truck. You don't need to worry about a thing – our skilled professionals will handle the entire installation, ensuring that the KONVOI product is securely mounted and functioning optimally. This approach guarantees that the installation is done correctly and in accordance with our quality standards. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we recommend against attempting self-installation to ensure the best results and safety for your KONVOI system. 

Is the system tested/certified?

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In both our development and operational processes, we adhere rigorously to internationally recognized standards specifically, ISO 12100 and ISO 27001. This commitment is twofold: to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services and to effectively mitigate risks throughout the entire product life cycle.
Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility and safety. This is exemplified by our deliberate choice to exclusively employ CE-labeled components and to avoid the use of hazardous materials, aligning seamlessly with RoHS regulations.

What does the life cycle of a system look like? What happens when a system needs to be repaired?

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We completely take care of the maintenance and update of your system. With our full service promise, we always ensure that the systems are up to date.

Does the system consider sustainability standards and if yes how so? 

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KONVOI is following a circular economy approach and pays attention to the use of materials that can either be recycled and used again or can otherwise be processed by other companies in their production cycles. To further develop and enhance this approach, KONVOI is participating in the EU innitiative Up2Circ. 


How does the system distinguish between regular and dangerous scenarios?

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Our system is trained on a large variety of different movement patterns categorized as threat or non-threat scenarios and makes use of AI technology to learn and improve consistently. Therefore our system can distinguish non-threat situations such as the driver walking around the vehicle from threat situations such as a person approaching a trailer directly and lifting an arm (tarpaulin slicing scenario). 

How are offenders deterred?

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Any visual or acoustic measures attract attention and immediately deter offenders. Light and acoustics are used to immediately deter when approaching suspiciously, without disturbing other truck drivers. Only in the event of a threat, when our system detects a dangerous situation, are drivers warned and external agencies notified. 

Which areas on the vehicle are secured?

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The system's sensors secure all critical areas on the sides of the truck and the rear doors. This detects and deters offenders before the fuel tanks, doors or tarpaulin are damaged. 

How does the system react to jamming threats? 

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Our system uses frequency hopping technology to prevent the success of interfering signals.


What happens to the data when there is no LTE connection?

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The data is always stored on the system itself and uploaded whenever LTE connection is established. All functionalities work without an internet connection, as the intelligent risk detection and alarm controlling is implemented on your truck. 

How is the KONVOI system supplied with energy without a tractor, without power supply or on unmanned transports?

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In parking mode, the KONVOI system operates using its internal battery, ensuring continuous security functions even when the truck is parked and turned off. Our battery modules ensure enough battery life time for your indivudal needs to secure your truck during longer parkings, transports on ferry or railways. 

How does the battery charge up? 

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The battery is connected to your individual available power source, like the tracktor unit, cooling modules or solar panels.

Is the KONVOI system designed with environmental conditions in mind? 

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Yes, the KONVOI system is designed with a strong emphasis on environmental durability. We take into consideration all environmental conditions that the system might encounter. This includes a wide range of temperatures, from freezing cold to scorching heat, ensuring that the KONVOI system performs reliably regardless of the climate. Moreover, KONVOI's enclosures are built to be highly resistant to water and dust, protecting the internal components even in challenging conditions. The materials used also have excellent corrosion resistance, further contributing to the system's long-lasting performance. Our commitment to environmental considerations underscores our dedication to providing a robust and dependable solution that can withstand various environmental challenges while enhancing safety and risk detection in truck operations. 


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